I offer the following services

Move, install and repair radiators

Repair and fit taps of any type

Fit washing machines and dishwashers

Fix leaking pipes

Repair toilet cistern problems

Repair and install macerators

Tile walls and floors

Complete bathroom installations/renovations

Install and repair all showers

Install/replace kitchen sinks and bathroom basins

Install WCs

.... and any other plumbing issues you may have

The work will be carried out to the highest standard.

Unfortunately I don't work with boilers or gas.

Where do I work?

I work in the York area, covering the city and the surrounding villages.

About me

I trained to be a plumber in York, where I have gained my qualification and much experience.


I originally graduated with a joint BA (Hons) in History, Politics and Literature, and then worked first in a bookshop and later with student admin, finance, and events management at a UK university. When I decided to change my career I turned to plumbing because of the practical aspect and the hands-on problem solving.


I love plumbing because of the challenges; no two problems are the same.  It satisfies my creative side as well as giving me a sense of achievement when I see the water flowing where it should.

I never really intended to become a plumber. It was never something I considered, either as a positive or a negative option - it just never registered as something I might turn my hand to. When I was little my career dreams always featured jobs in offices. Often they were jobs abroad, but always in an office.


And that's what happened at first. At first I worked in the back-office of a small, independent, bookshop. There I had the time of my life. Imagine buying books, updating web pages, browsing the shop - all while you're getting paid! It was brilliant! Unfortunately everyone seem to order their books online these days, so sadly the bookshop closed and I had to look elsewhere for a job. Then came my career in student administration at a university.


For the most part I had a good time. Although looking back at my CV I can't haven been entirely satisfied, as in 10 years I held 7 different jobs. The fluttering between roles wasn't intentional, it just happened that I was in the right place at the right time for a couple of promotions and secondment opportunities. Then at one point I suddenly felt very trapped in my job, and I started feeling more and more unhappy. So to keep myself from going stir crazy I decided to do something completely different. And after some perusal on the internet the choice fell on a course in plumbing. Very random.


Entering the college on my first day I was rather nervous and I was really wondering what I had let myself in for. But within days I had found my confidence and had tons of fun! I learnt all sorts of things from soldering copper pipes to installing radiators. And all the while I was enjoying myself. And so I started toying with the idea that I might actually do this for a living. Maybe. Possibly. If I was brave enough to do something so different.


Once I had completed my course I went back to just working in an office (which I had also done part-time while doing my training), and I realised that I was bored without the extra entertainment that the training had provided. And so it was that I decided to become a plumber and embark on a non-typical career for a female office-worker.

Some details about my plumbing-training:

I trained to be a plumber in York, at PPL Training.


In 2013 I did 2 days of training with Aqualisa to learn how to install both their thermostatic and digital showers.

In 2014 I did 2 days of installer training with Triton at their centre in Nuneaton, to learn all about their electric and thermostatic showers.

In April 2017 I did a 1-day training course with Impey, to learn all about their wet-rooms and how to best install these.