I never really intended to become a plumber. It was never something I considered, either as a positive or a negative option - it just never registered as something I might turn my hand to. When I was little my career dreams always featured jobs in offices. Often they were jobs abroad, but always in an office.

And that's what happened at first. At first I worked in the back-office of a small, independent, bookshop. There I had the time of my life. Imagine buying books, updating web pages, browsing the shop - all while you're getting paid! It was brilliant! Unfortunately everyone seem to order their books online these days, so sadly the bookshop closed and I had to look elsewhere for a job. Then came my career in student administration at a university.

For the most part I had a good time. Although looking back at my CV I can't haven been entirely satisfied, as in 10 years I held 7 different jobs. The fluttering between roles wasn't intentional, it just happened that I was in the right place at the right time for a couple of promotions and secondment opportunities. Then at one point I suddenly felt very trapped in my job, and I started feeling more and more unhappy. So to keep myself from going stir crazy I decided to do something completely different. And after some perusal on the internet the choice fell on a course in plumbing. Very random.

Entering the college on my first day I was rather nervous and I was really wondering what I had let myself in for. But within days I had found my confidence and had tons of fun! I learnt all sorts of things from soldering copper pipes to installing radiators. And all the while I was enjoying myself. And so I started toying with the idea that I might actually do this for a living. Maybe. Possibly. If I was brave enough to do something so different.

Once I had completed my course I went back to just working in an office (which I had also done part-time while doing my training), and I realised that I was bored without the extra entertainment that the training had provided. And so it was that I decided to become a plumber and embark on a non-typical career for a female office-worker.


Some details about my plumbing-training:


I trained to be a plumber in York, at PPL Training.

In 2013 I did 2 days of training with Aqualisa to learn how to install both their thermostatic and digital showers.


In 2014 I did 2 days of installer training with Triton at their centre in Nuneaton, to learn all about their electric and thermostatic showers.


In April 2017 I did a 1-day training course with Impey, to learn all about their wet-rooms and how to best install these.

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About me


I trained to be a plumber in York, where I have gained my qualification and much experience.

I originally graduated with a joint BA (Hons) in History, Politics and Literature, and then worked first in a bookshop and later with student admin, finance, and events management at a UK university. When I decided to change my career I turned to plumbing because of the practical aspect and the hands-on problem solving.

I love plumbing because of the challenges; no two problems are the same. It satisfies my creative side as well as giving me a sense of achievement when I see the water flowing where it should.

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